Black Girls Rock!!!!!!!!

23 Sep

Black Girls Rock!!!!!!

Yes I`ve been saying this for a long time, but I`m not the only one who has noticed this so has BET who have decided to finally televise the Black Girls Rock Award show which was set up by DJ Beverly Bond a few years ago. The awards honors postive black women making strides in society and pop culture as a whole.

Beverly Bond decided to launched the non-profit to help with the developments and mindset of young black women and girls, and proivde postive images of black women.

Women will be honored in a variety of categories like The Rock Star Award, The Social Humanitarian Award and the Who Got Next? Award, during the televised debut of the show. “I am proud that Black Girls Rock Inc. is at the forefront of a movement inspiring women of color to take charge of our images, our dignity and our impact on the world,” said Beverly Bond. “This historic partnership with BET Networks gives BGR! an incredible and much needed platform to highlight our ‘sheroes’ and hold them up as shining examples of the great women that we are, so that future generations of girls in our communities can see positive examples of who they can become.” Black Girls Rock! will debut on Sunday, November 7th at 8:00 PM. 

If you won`t be around to see it check out their website

Founder DJ Beverely Bond with actress Regina King

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