Freestyle – The Movie

22 Oct

I have just watched a UK film called Freestyle and to be honest was very impressed with what I saw. Freestyle is being marketed to the urban teen market but that doesn’t mean older people can’t enjoy it. The film is centered around Leon a freestyle basketball player from a council estate who is studying hard to get into university and Ondene a talented girl who is destined for Oxford after being pushed into it her whole life by her mother after spending years studying so hard she discovers freestyle basketball and takes up the offer of lessons from a  Leon. When Hyacinth here mother finds out, she resolves to put an end to the relationship.

Although Leon’s fighting against the odds to educate himself, Hyacinth is convinced he is bad news because he lives in the projects – a place she escaped from long ago.

What I liked most about this film was how relevant it is for black people living in the UK, they deal with issues such as Odene mother who has moved out of the ghetto, but is ashamed of being from a council estate and doesn’t want anything to do with it or the people there which is a serious problem within the black community success stories getting their foot in the door but not leaving it open for other black people to follow, also never coming back to inspire, black boys being judged as gangsters just because they live in on council estate, the black and light skin issue and the fact that you have to work twice as hard as white people to make it, if you’re expecting a high budget US film you won’t find this here, but if you’re looking for something that deals with real life in the UK without anyone getting shot or stabbed and wanna see some hot freestyle moves this is the film for you. Check the trailer.

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